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What are the causes of male infertility?

male infertility

In the event that you and your accomplice are experiencing difficulty getting pregnant, it’s anything butt’s a meeting with a trained professional. Your board-confirmed doctor at Dr. Muthanna Alrawi, with workplaces in Gilbert, Glendale, Goodyear, and Phoenix, has uncommon preparing in male conception organs and gives merciful fruitlessness care.

Infertility in the male accomplice is moderately normal; 33% of fruitlessness cases result from factors influencing the male. Fruitlessness isn’t just an actual problem; it likewise can have negative mental impacts since you’re not ready to accomplish a much-wanted objective. The conclusion may strain your close connection physically and inwardly. It can likewise cause sorrow as well as nervousness in you and your accomplice. Looking for guiding during this difficult period can assist you with overseeing troublesome feelings.

Infertility may result from one handily helped issue like a disease, yet it can likewise have various causes, or a particular reason may not be found. Following are some normal explanations behind male infertility and how can be dealt with attempt to turn around the issue.

Low sperm count/sperm quality


In the event that your sperm tally is low, it very well might be the aftereffect of a varicolored, an expanded vein in your gonad. Varicolored cause roughly 40% of male infertility issues. They can make your gonads overheat, making the temperature excessively warm for sperm to develop.

Your urologist at Dr. Muthanna Alrawi informs you as to whether your varicolored should be precisely fixed to work on your richness. The strategy cuts off the varicolored, which sidetracks blood stream to typical measured veins. This may fix the infertility issue and further develop sperm quality.

For men, infertility testing starts with a far reaching semen examination, which can frequently demonstrate the reasons for male infertility.


  • Insufficient sperm or low sperm count
  • Sperm that can’t move ordinarily or helpless motility
  • Sperm that are not molded typically or helpless morphology

Low sperm count can be brought about by a failure to create sperm, which in certain men has a hereditary premise. Men with a family background of barrenness are at higher danger, as are men with certain constant ailments, earlier wounds to the gonads or contamination.

One more of the normal reasons for male infertility are a varicocele, which is an amplified varicose vein in the gonads that makes blood pool and temperature to rise, influencing sperm creation. About 40% of fruitless men have a varicolored.

Sperm delivery 


In the event that semen shoots into the bladder rather than through the penis when you climax because of a bladder muscle that doesn’t contract as it ought to, you have a condition called retrograde discharge? At the point when this happens, your discharge may contain practically zero semen, and hence be a reason for fruitlessness. The reason may originate from a pulse drug. In the event that the condition can’t be switched, helped regenerative innovation can help.

Health and lifestyle choices 


Way of life decisions can affect sperm wellbeing. Physically sent illnesses, including gonorrhea and herpes, if undiscovered and untreated, can diminish male fruitfulness by influencing sperm development and wellbeing.

On the off chance that you smoke or drink liquor, your sperm check can be influenced. Certain prescriptions, for example, hostile to parasitic medications and medications for ulcers can bring down sperm check. Persistent disease, for example, kidney disappointment can cause fruitlessness in guys. On the off chance that you and your accomplice need to get pregnant, driving a sound way of life is the initial move toward a solid child.

Call Dr. Muthanna Alrawi or send us a message today for master treatment for male infertility, erectile dysfunction and some other urological concerns you may have.

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