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Good morning Dr. Muthanna. I’m delighted to report great progress with my health.

The immunotherapy has worked miracles My prostate cancer is under control now with my PSA static at 0.2. Once again, thanks for all your help and support with the initial diagnosis and treatment.

Best wishes

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Respected Board of the Canadian Specialist Hospital Dubai, October 02,2019 AlHamdulillah, Allah subHanahu wa taala gave us shifa and good health after going through a super major surgery of right kidney.

This letter is an appreciation and recognition of the high quality of care received by us in handling or case by your auspicious team. Our ailment was an incidental finding that was one of the most stressful and distressing moments of our life. We did istikhara and istishara to help us in this important decision making. It only by the grace of Allah that we were guided to this hospital by our family friend, Dr. Iftikhar Ahmad Saifi, Alternative medicine doctor of Ibn Nafees medical Clinic, Dubai.

We studied the doctor profiles on the website and booked an appointment with Dr.Muthanna. In our first meeting we were swept away by his patience, professionalism, detailed explanations, encouragement and empathy. He was welcoming to all our questions. He was truthful about all the risks involved but reassuring; his confidence gave us the courage to take our diagnosis to the surgery level. He seemed to be a man of deep faith and high ability. Lastly, we would like to wholeheartedly thank Dr Muthanna again and as we rejoined our family and friends. It’s like a God gifted second life. We look forward to continuing our healthcare journey with you. Best Regards, Mr. & Mrs. Adnan Pervaiz Muhammad Pervaiz Anjum

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رسالة شكر وتقدير.
إلى الدكتور مثنى الراوي استشاري جراحه الكلى والمسالك البوليه بالمستشفى الكندي التخصصي.
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته. تحيه طيبه عطرة وبعد.
بعبارات وأحاسيس صادقة سطرت لكم أجمل عبارات الشكر والتقدير والامتنان والعرفان على كل لحظة عناية منكم بعد الله وعلى كل رعاية طبية بإجراء عملية البروستات بنجاح لي ومدي اهتمامكم و إخلاصكم في عملكم حيث امتزجت رعايتكم بكفاءة طبيةعالية مع خالص شكري للدكتور المتميز الذي لم أجد من الكلمات ما نوفيه حقه من مدح وثناء إلا أن نتضرع الي الله أن يديم عليكم موفر الصحة والعافية والتقدم وان يمنحكم أعلى المناصب في حياتكم العمليه وان تحقق آمالك وطموحاتك المستقبليه بإذن الله .

محمد السيد محمد عامر/ضابط صحه تجارة اغذيه. بلديه دبي

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